Overpopulation and Climate Change

Overpopulation and Climate Change

The news reports that, for the first time in all of recorded history, a cruise ship can now navigate the Northwest Passage.  This is the passage that has rarely ever been navigated by any boat at any time of the year, and it is the same passage that Amundsen struggled across on foot on his drive to reach the pole.

It’s worse, because unfortunately ice is white and ocean water is black.  Why is this relevant?  Because as the white ice melts and is replaced by black water, that black water absorbs heat from the sun (while white ice reflects it back).  So as more arctic ice melts, the rate of melting steadily increases.  Add that to the 1-3 degrees of increased atmospheric temperature as the result of human emissions and actions, and you have all the makings for a global disaster.

How long can we continue ignoring the impact of one species on the very Earth that created us and gave us life in the first place?  There are 10 million current species of life living on Earth – can we in any moral way justify the actions of one species that would threaten 10 million other species and the planet they live on?

When are we going to stop thinking of ourselves as gods, and realize that our actions mirror those of cancers, viruses, plagues, pestilences, blights.  Some unthinking individuals actually believe that out-of-control reproduction is the sign of a healthy species.  Quite the contrary, healthy living species limit their numbers to assure their short- and long-term success.

“Oh, but our brilliant minds will find solutions.”  No, our selfish, immature, childish minds are the problem.  No matter.  Mother Nature is quite capable of handling threats to the balance of life on Earth.  And in fact She is already working Her magic.  That we don’t see it is further evidence of our ostrich-like existence, great minds and all!

And one of the most shameful parts of it all is that neither Presidential candidate is giving this topic any attention.  Donald Trump is a climate change denier and Hillary Clinton is influenced by the big corporations in fracking and drilling that contribute the most this threatening issue.

There still might be a way out, so come back for more.