Presidential Election – Does Our Government Even Work?

Beyond life in our groups and communities, governments don’t work.  They didn’t work in ancient Egypt, Rome, or Greece, and they don’t work today.  Here’s why.

First, let’s agree on what government is.  According to, “Government is the system of people, laws, and officials that define and control the country that you live in. The U.S. government, for example, is a representative democracy with three branches.”

Actually, countries are made up of thousands of individual communities.  Each one is different.  No people or officials define or control a country.  You and I, living freely, decide in our communities what is important, what rules we require, how we want to live based on our particular environment and circumstances.  Other people who don’t work and live in our community don’t know our wants and needs, our desires and choices and preferences (such as how to raise and train our kids, take care of our members in need, our stance on abortions and drugs and a million other choices that can never be made in a one-size-fits-all style by a bureaucrat or politician, especially when a favor or bribe is involved).

So should all government be scrapped?  No, but it must be re-understood, redefined, and even renamed.  There is a vital distinction which must be made, and which is not mentioned in any current definition of ‘government.’  That vital distinction is:

Are there tasks or functions that absolutely cannot be performed by people individually or in their communities?  What are they?  Then having identified these, multiple communities may choose to elect, appoint or hire people to manage just these common tasks/functions.  An example might be the need for clean, safe drinking water.  Water may flow through many communities before it gets to you and me, so we need some monitoring of this vital substance so that we in our families and communities don’t get sick.  So let’s assume we hire someone to monitor and assure our access to safe drinking water.  That person is not governing us – he/she is specifically chosen to monitor and manage just the behavior of people in various communities with the express purpose of assuring safe drinking water.  As such, these people are not governing, but instead carrying out their proper role as PUBLIC SERVANTS.  We recommend that the word government no longer be used for work the public sector does.  Instead, call them what they are – Public Servants (for example, instead of Government of the United States, call it Public Servants of the United States, to emphasize the servant-rather-than-governor/ruler mindset).  And a hint:  there are very few tasks that we can’t do for ourselves, hence the new public servants will have a tiny fraction of the responsibilities that government is currently managing (really, mis-managing, at the cost of billions of dollars and even millions of lost lives!).

“Wait a minute.  You’re opening a can of worms that will lead to global chaos.  Without rules and laws and government workers and politicians, humans will erupt into chaos.  The poor will ransack their own communities.  The rich and powerful will take advantage of the poor.”  Let’s examine this.  Taking the U.S. as an example, we have more government than at any time in our history, and the gap between the rich and poor is widening, while the poor are more and more frustrated and are indeed ransacking their own communities!

But let’s look at the bigger picture.  There are 10 million current species of life on Earth today, and ALL of them but one live 100% freely, 100% true to their design.  They don’t live in chaos at all – they live exactly like they were designed to live.  Then how does it happen that humans, supposedly an intelligent species, cannot be trusted to live naturally and freely, but must instead be ruled, led, managed, restrained?

The answer:  Humans and our ancestors did live freely for over 3 million years.  But back around the time that we began agriculture, choices were made that began the process of giving away our freedom.  Now, we’ve lost any memory of having ever lived freely, and we are afraid of living without rules, laws, leaders, politicians and officials and bureaucrats.  We’re living like slaves (in self-created bondage), like dependent children.  And the worst part – we don’t see it (almost as if we were drugged).

So what’s the bottom line?  Simple – we must return to living naturally, in harmony with our human design.  We must take our lives and our passion back, again owning every possible aspect of our lives.  Public servants will do those few things that transcend individual communities, but they have no separate powers or ability to make decisions – they work for us, serve us.  Will this mean more work for us?  You’re damned right it will.  And it’s high time we grew up and took back our lives, our purpose, our passion, our freedom.

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